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Setup OpenVPN on Netduma R1
Setup OpenVPN on Netduma R1
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Step 1.
Download OVPN Configuration files from here

Step 2.
Login to Netduma r1 Router by visiting

Step 3.
Click on "VPN" from left panel and select the devices you wish to tunnel through VPN.

Step 4.
Click on "Setup" and you will be taken to "Advanced VPN Configuration"

Step 5.
Extract the OVPN configuration files which you have downloaded in Step 1, and right click on the configuration file you wish to connect to and open it with your favourite text editor. 

Step 6.
Copy all the content of the configuration file and go back to "Advanced VPN Configuration page" and paste the content under config, fill in your VPN username, password, check Enable and Apply

After VPN is connected successfully, you will see "Connected" in green box and now all the traffic is being routed through VPN tunnel.

Here is video tutorial created by one of our client. 

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