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Help! I am unable to connect to VPN from China
Help! I am unable to connect to VPN from China
Updated over a week ago

If you are unable to connect to our VPN from China, please try following common troubleshooting steps

1. Try Changing VPN protocol in SwitchVPN :

  • Click on Settings icon in SwitchVPN app 

  • Click on Protocol and change from UDP to L2TP

  • Close the settings and re-connect to VPN and check if this has resolved the problem.

2. Try connecting to US or European servers

3. Try rebooting your internet modem/router

4. If you are using 360 Anti Virus and Firewall, try disabling it temporarily and connect to VPN to make sure your anti virus/firewall is not blocking the VPN.

Note : 360 Anti Virus and Firewall is known to cause issues with VPN

If you are still unable to get connected, please contact us on Live Chat or email us at , We also offer remote setup assistance.

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