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How do i cancel SwitchVPN subscription ?
How do i cancel SwitchVPN subscription ?
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If you are facing any issues with the service or connectivity, our technical team can resolve 99% of the issues quickly and we also provide remote technical assistance, Where our technical team can login to your system and remotely fix the problem. 

If you still would like to proceed with cancellation below are the steps

  1. Login to your subscription management dashboard at

  2. Enter your Email address and Password which you used during registration

  3. Once logged in click on "X" red color icon next to your subscription to cancel your account and stop any recurring payments. 

  4. Complete the Cancellation form and your account will be cancelled at the end of your billing period and you will be no longer charged. 


Q: I've cancelled my subscription within 30 days, how can i get a refund?
A: Please refer to our refunds article for steps on how to get your payment refunded.

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