Click on Start menu.
Click on Setttings.
Click on Network and Internet from the Settings menu.
Click on VPN from left panel.
Click on "Add a VPN connection"
Fill out the settings below

VPN Provider: Windows (build-in)
Connection name: SwitchVPN
Server name or Address : ikev2-hk.switchnetwork.mesee server list here )
VPN type: IKEv2
Type of sign-in info: User name and password
User name : Your SwitchVPN VPN User name(Not Email address)
Password: Your SwitchVPN VPN Password.
Remember my sign-in info : checked

Click on Save.
You will now see the connection in the Network and Internet window.

How to Connect to SwitchVPN

Click on Start menu.
Click on Settings.
Click on Network & Internet from the Settings menu.
Select VPN from the left panel.
Click on SwitchVPN and then click on connect button.
You are now connected to SwitchVPN.
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