L2TP VPN Setup Guide

Updated 3 years ago by SwitchVPN

To set up L2TP over IPsec with PSK on Chromebook

  1. Click the status area at the bottom of your screen, where your account picture is located.
  2. Select Settings
  3. In the "Internet connection" section, click on Add connection
  4. Select Add private network.
  5. In the box that appears, fill in the information below
  • Server hostname: Enter a server hostname from the list here
  • Service Name : SwitchVPN
  • Provider type: select "L2TP/IPsec + Pre-shared key"
  • Pre-shared key: switchvpn
  • Server CA Certificate: Select Default
  • User certificate: Select None Installed.
  • Username: Enter your SwitchVPN  user name.
  • Password: Enter your SwitchVPN password.
  • Click on Connect

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