IKEv2 Set up Guide for iPhone and iPad

Updated 2 years ago by SwitchVPN

  1. Go to iPhone/iPad Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration
  2. Fill in the details below:
  • Type : IKEv2
  • Description: You can name it anything
  • Server: ap-east-1.sappi.me ( Click here for complete list of server address )
  • Remote ID: ap-east-1.sappi.me ( Remote ID will be same as server address)
  • Local ID :   ( Leave it blank )
  • User Authenticatication : Username
  • Username:  SwitchVPN username
  • Password:  SwitchVPN password
  • Proxy Off
  1. Tap on Done and VPN configuration will now appear under VPN menu , Now toggle the slider to connect.

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