Help! I am unable to connect to VPN from China

Updated 11 months ago by SwitchVPN

If you are unable to connect to our VPN from China, please try following common troubleshooting steps

1. Try Changing VPN protocol in SwitchVPN :

  • Click on Settings icon in SwitchVPN app 
  • Click on Protocol and change from UDP to L2TP
  • Close the settings and re-connect to VPN and check if this has resolved the problem.

2. Try connecting to US or European servers

3. Try rebooting your internet modem/router

4. If you are using 360 Anti Virus and Firewall, try disabling it temporarily and connect to VPN to make sure your anti virus/firewall is not blocking the VPN.

Note : 360 Anti Virus and Firewall is known to cause issues with VPN

If you are still unable to get connected, please contact us on Live Chat or email us at , We also offer remote setup assistance.

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