What is P2P?

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What is P2P? 

P2P stands for “peer-to-peer” and is generally referred to the type of network architecture consisting of interconnected computer systems also known as nodes or “peers.” Developed to serve a variety of purposes, the P2P network became popular due to its file-sharing capability, especially with the emerging demand for fast sharing of large files. 

Generally, the P2P network is all about quick download speeds and the absence of limits that are common to file-hosting services as it was developed in such a manner that all the peers in the network are at the same time downloaders and uploaders. Because of its distributed nature, it also never goes down as opposed to the client/server network, meaning users can enjoy practically uninterrupted up-time.  

As for today, the only requirements for you to use the network will be relevant software ( it varies depending on the P2P protocol you want to use) and a stable internet connection. The internet is full of different free applications that can be easily downloaded and installed. So, all you need to do is choose the one you’re most suitable with, and you’re good to go.  

However, things aren’t always that simple.

Unfortunately, the P2P network and applications are subject to censorship restrictions in some countries or particular areas of the world. So to be able to utilize P2P, you’ll need to consider having a VPN. 

Advanced VPNs usually have dedicated servers that support P2P traffic. By connecting to these servers, you can hide your IP address and share files anonymously. Let’s illustrate how you can connect to the SwitchVPN P2P servers:

  1. Open the SwitchVPN application 
  2. Click on Select Server 

  1. Click on the Filter button and select P2P Optimized

  1. Select the closest P2P optimized server from the filtered server list 

  1. Connect by pressing on the green button

Now when you’re connected, you can easily download and upload files through the peer-to-peer network powered by SwitchVPN AES 256 bit encryption. All without compromising on the speed. 

If you have any issues with our P2P optimized servers, please contact our support team by pressing on the pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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