1. Open web browser and enter your DD-WRT router's IP ( Default ) to access admin interface.

2. After you are logged into Admin interface, Go to Setup > Basic Setup

3. Under WAN Connection type, change connection type from "Automatic DHCP" to PPTP and fill in the gateway and VPN credentials. 

  • Connection Type : PPTP
  • Use DHCP: Yes
  • Gateway (PPTP Server) : us-la1.switchnetwork.me ( List all VPN Gateways)
  • User Name: Your VPN Username
  • Password: Your VPN Password
  • PPTP Encryption/MPPE Encryption : Enabled
  • Under Optional Settings, Change MTU from Auto to Manual and value as "1400"

4. Scroll Down to "Network Address Server Settings ( DHCP )"

Set Static DNS 1:
Set Statis DNS 2:

5. Scroll down and click on apply settings and reboot the router.

6. VPN will be connected in 2-3 minutes after reboot. You can verify by visiting https://switchvpn.net/what-is-my-ip your new IP address. 

If you require any assistance, Please feel free to contact support at support@switchvpn.net or on Live Chat. We are happy to help!

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