Belkin Router VPN Setup

Updated 4 years ago by SwitchVPN

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  1. Open web browser and enter your Belkin router's IP address , default IP is and enter your login credentials.
  2. Open the Internet WAN page and select connection type as PPTP.
  3. Fill in your SwitchVPN Username in PPTP Account field and VPN Password in the Password and Retype Password fields.
  4. Host name will be empty.
  5. PPTP Server IP Address:  ( List all VPN Gateways)
  6. IP Assigned by ISP set to Yes.
  7. Leave the option Disconnect after unchecked.
  8. Set your DNS Settings to and
  9. Apply changes to connect to SwitchVPN

VPN will be connected in 2-3 minutes after reboot. You can verify by visiting your new IP address. 

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