Synology NAS VPN Setup

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Set-up instructions for VPN on Synology NAS on DiskStation Manager(DSM)

  1. Login to to your Synology and open Control Panel
  2. Click on Network under Connectivity
  3. Select Network Interface and click on Create -> Create VPN profile
  4. New Create Profile Wizard will appear, Select OpenVPN (via importing a .ovpn file) and click on Next
If you do not have a VPN subscription, you can sign up for SwitchVPN for only $3.99/month
  1. Fill in the details as follows :
  • Profile Name: SwitchVPN (You can name it whatever you like)
  • User name: (This will be your VPN username)
  • Password: (Your VPN password)
  • Import .ovpn file: Select the .ovpn file (You can download the .ovpn configuration file from
  • CA certificate: leave it blank
  • Click on Next
  1. After you click on Next, Select all the options such as
  • Use default gateway on remote network
  • Allow other network devices to connect through this Synology server's Internet connection
  • Reconnect when the VPN connection is lost
  • Click on Apply
  1. Now select the newly created SwitchVPN profile under Network Interface and click on Connect, Once VPN is connected, you will see the status of SwitchVPN changed to connected.

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